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Johrei Fellowship South Bay Nature Garden, Saratoga, CA.

For several years, our South Bay Center members maintained a natural garden on a member-owned property, nurturing and harvesting excellent naturally-grown produce. 


After the property was sold in 2022, we began looking for an ideal location nearby to continue this grassroots enterprise and inspire other members and people in the local community to become involved in growing healthy, pesticide-free produce. In June 2023, we obtained a good-sized community garden plot from the City of Saratoga, CA, and set about preparing this new location.

Our intrepid member-farmers and enthusiasts, led by Terry and Howard, along with the support of the local members, continue to promote Nature Farming, inspired by our founder - Meishu-sama. This natural and sustainable agricultural method is chemical and pesticide-free, in harmony with the environment, and produces healthy, nutritious vegetables that nurture both body and spirit.

We harvested Swiss Chard, Kale, Pak Choi, Red Radishes, Daikon, Carrots, Asparagus, herbs and Blueberry bushes and Collard Greens, sharing space with happy Marigold flowers! The November plantings includes seeds from the Nature Farms in Japan.

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