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How might I experience the results of Johrei?

In most cases, the effects of Johrei become enhanced with repeated practice. At first one might feel an increased sense of well being. Many people say they feel less stressed, more calm and peaceful after receiving Johrei. Results are usually seen after 12-15 Johrei sessions over a period of several weeks. Each individual situation is unique depending on existing circumstances.

What exactly is “purification” and how do I know I am experiencing it?

Purification or illness, is the manifestation of the universal principle that states whenever an accumulation of negativity occurs, a cleansing action takes place. Purification can take many forms such as emotional or physical. Physical purification is a sign that our life force energy, our immune system, is working properly. Colds, coughs, and fevers cleanse our bodies to eliminate accumulated toxins, they are nature’s way of restoring the rhythmic balance we call health.

How can I express my appreciation for Johrei?

We express our gratitude through offerings that are of value to us: our time, our labor or our materials. If you would like to offer service in gratitude, please feel free to do so. Your monetary offering of appreciation is gratefully accepted. Although there is no charge to receive Johrei, we encourage you to contribute with a genuine sense of gratitude, in order to help us assist everyone. Johrei Fellowship is supported solely through the expression of gratitude from individuals.

How can I learn Johrei?

A series of interactive classes is offered on an on-going basis. Please contact the nearest Johrei center in our locations page for more details.

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