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Johrei is a spiritual practice based on the focusing of universal life energy, also referred to as "divine" or spiritual light. We believe that this action fosters positive changes to both the physical and the spiritual body and that it helps to eliminate suffering by dispelling negative energy. Johrei has its roots in Japan and is gaining recognition in the West as a non-invasive energy healing practice. Our practitioners come from many cultural and faith backgrounds. We respect diversity and all spiritual paths.


Johrei is transmitted through the hand of the giver to the spiritual body of the receiver with the intent of purifying the spirit; this purification reflects to other levels of consciousness and often to the physical body. Receivers often find that over time they experience spiritual growth, physical healing or increased blessings, according to divine will. We do not prescribe, nor do we diagnose or treat physical illnesses. There is no physical contact involved while administering Johrei.


Johrei is a practical way of raising one’s spiritual consciousness as a means to make this an ultimate world of health, peace and prosperity for all. One is not required to drop membership in other religions or spiritual practices in order to be a Johrei member. What is learned through Johrei can bring deeper levels of understanding of one's own practice. All people are welcome to participate in Johrei Fellowship’s practice of faith and other activities.


Johrei centers hold monthly appreciation services, and some members have gatherings in their homes. Attending these events helps to broaden understanding through the sharing of experiences and fellowship. They also give an opportunity to express gratitude for blessings received.


Johrei Fellowship does not charge any fee for Johrei. Ours is a voluntary service and we rely on donations to do our work. We are grateful for all donations and support given from the heart. Our founder Mokichi Okada underscored the importance of one's attitude in making donations. He taught that the gratitude expressed in being able to give is what allows the gift to be blessed to full use for the highest good.


If you are interested in learning more please contact the nearest Johrei center through our locations links for hours and directions.


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