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The impetus for all the activities of Johrei Fellowship is the inspiration of one man, Mokichi Okada. In his later life, those around him who recognized his vision for a new civilization and worked to bring it about called him Meishu-sama, which could be translated as “Master of Light.”

Meishu-sama was born in 1882 under modest circumstances in Tokyo, Japan and raised in the pious and earthy environment of the urban entrepreneurial class. During his youth, Meishu-sama had no direct involvement with religious affairs or healing experiences. His activities as a spiritual leader began in middle age.


From an early age he demonstrated a deep desire to help people. His family also inspired in him a sense of justice and righteousness that complemented his artistic inclinations. However, Meishu-sama was not a healthy youth and various afflictions and diseases kept him from realizing his dream of becoming an artisan.


Meishu-sama turned his attention to business and secured enough capital to open a small retail store. His acute business sense and the artistic ability he had been forced to abandon due to illness contributed to the success of his enterprise. During the next twenty years, the periods of success alternated with times of disheartening failure. He lost his wife and their child due to complications of childbirth. At one point, the failure of his main bank plunged his firm into bankruptcy. Later, a major panic created havoc with the entire Japanese economy. Finally, the Great Kanto earthquake of 1923, in addition to destroying much of Tokyo, ruined him financially, along with thousands of others.


This was a turning point in his life. Having reached the age of forty one, Meishu-sama began to question the meaning of human life. His life, from that point onward, lead to the awareness of his spiritual destiny.


As he delved deeper into understanding his spiritual purpose, he awakened to the realization of his unique mission to help create a new direction for humanity. His personal warmth and care for others spread outward and he began to guide an increasing group of followers. His ability to foster restoration and health was extraordinary. While he moved forward to understand the nature of this unique force within him, he always remained the loving teacher, living out his belief in human equality, always able to meet others on their terms and always inspiring complete trust.


Meishu-sama was able to start the construction of prototypes of paradise on earth, that would be the physical examples for humanity to follow in its turn of direction, from a purely materially based civilization, to one that was a balance of both the spiritual and the physical viewpoints. He built and inspired the creation of magnificent art museums in Japan, filled with inspirational art pieces that he collected. He believed that humanity could benefit from the positive energy of inspirational art and these were to be shared with everyone and not just cloistered within the collections of the privileged few. He designed exquisite gardens and structures that he envisioned as prototypes of an ideal community.


Meishu-sama’s inspired writings are practical, simple teachings of common sense that offer guidance toward health, spiritual upliftment and happiness. Many of his books are translated into English, Portuguese and Spanish, and can be purchased at Johrei Fellowship centers or ordered through Amazon.Meishu-sama departed this physical world in 1955. Today, his work and message continues to be realized and spread through the world.

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