History and Organization

Johrei activities were started in Japan in 1935 by founder Mokichi Okada as a spiritual healing activity movement. In 1953, Okada sent Rev. Kiyoko Higuchi and Reverend Haruhiko Ajiki as her trusted assistant to Hawaii to spread the Light of Johrei. The movement eventually spread to Los Angeles and over time to other areas throughout the United States. Johrei Fellowship was incorporated in 1963 in the state of California as a non-profit, religious organization. As a religious non-profit corporation, Johrei Fellowship follows set by-laws and is governed by a Board of Directors. We have an independent North American membership governed by a board of directors. There are a number of centers representing Johrei Fellowship throughout the United States. Today, we are a national, service-oriented spiritual organization, affiliated with an international community of similar organizations that follow the teachings of Mokichi Okada ( also known as Meishu-sama, or Revered Teacher).


Since we started our organization, we have established Johrei centers in several locations on both coasts of the United States and in the Southwest. Johrei centers are local chapters or branches of Johrei Fellowship. They may be located in any city or area with sufficient membership to support the activities of that c enter. Johrei has spread internationally to at least seventy countries. The main headquarters in Atami, Japan, coordinates all international activities and events. Johrei Fellowship is spiritually affiliated with other Johrei organizations, although there is no legal affiliation.


The purpose of a Johrei Center is to provide spiritual support and healing through three main pillars--the practice of Johrei itself, the expression of art and beauty, and the teaching and practice of natural farming. Johrei purifies the spiritual body, while art and beauty uplift the soul and the mind; natural farming produces food that heals the body as well as the earth.


A Johrei center is also intended as a prototype, or model expression, of universal spiritual truth. In 1958, a "prototype of earthly paradise" was established on a hundred acres at Valley Center, near Los Angeles. The center was built to foster spiritual growth through service, the appreciation of beauty and the implementation of natural farming methods. It was eventually sold due to pollution from nearby farms. We continue to hold a steadfast vision for creating a larger prototype in the future, as well as to the believe that our centers, homes, schools and businesses can be transformed into models through our spiritual practice.


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