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Be A New Age Person

All individuals must constantly aim to improve themselves, particularly those of faith.

In these modern times we are often considered dull or archaic when we speak of religion or faith. Indeed, it cannot be denied that these tendencies can be seen in the adherents of religions to date. Members of our faith are, or should be, entirely different, exactly the opposite of that type.  Rather, they should strive to make their ways of thinking opposite to the old ways.

Why should this be? First of all, observe Nature. Everything in Nature without a moment’s rest constantly renews itself, continually progresses and improves. Look! Each year the number of human beings increases. Lands on the face of the planet are developed every year. Whether transportation networks, buildings and construction, or machinery, there is nothing that goes backwards. The grasses and trees spread out and grow toward the heavens. Nothing grows downwards, nothing goes backward. 

When we see the situation of how all in creation constantly progresses and improves, it is truth that human beings as well should learn from the example of nature.  


In this respect, I never slacken my efforts to progress and improve from month to month and year to year. Having said that, if I were merely speaking of progress on the material level such as improving the position of an enterprise or profession, it would be bottom-less, drifting. Grass without roots. What I refer to is progress and improvement of the soul, ennoblement of their character.

Keeping this in mind, build your own life step by step.  Never be in too great a hurry and do not be concerned if your development seems slow.  It is all right if you make only a little progress at a time, for you will inevitably grow into an individual of noble character. Or rather, your determination to improve yourself is proof that you have already become a fine person. 

As you continue to make efforts in this way, you will be more and more trusted and loved by others, everything in your life will become more harmonious, and you will attain true happiness and fulfillment.  There is no doubt about that.

When I observe people from the standpoint of this pattern, many seem to me to be lagging far behind in their development.  They seem to have made little progress.  They seem to be revolving endlessly around their old habits of thinking and speaking. It is difficult to find anything of interest in their conversations, which are almost exclusively concerned with the superficial things of life.  They have no real understanding of religion, of governmental affairs, of philosophy or of any of the deeper aspects of life, and there is not even a hint of any awareness of the fine arts.

The majority of the people in the world are like that, but I am not writing this article as a criticism of them.  I hope that those of you who follow this spiritual path, at least, are not this Old Age type, and I know there are not many of you who are.

As all know, during this period of global transition our movement is trying to save humanity by awakening it to erroneous culture and building an ideal new world. We must persistently aim to be new persons. That is what I mean when I say that we must become cultured people of the twenty-first century.

October 11, 1950


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