Beyond Prejudice

Perfect harmony combined with its correlative, infinity flexibility, will characterize the new global civilization. Together they will allow limitless freedom to develop the human culture in either direction. The principle of a free and flexible fusion of the spiritual and the material will then govern the creative and intellectual life of the individual in earthly paradise. Truth is never wholly spiritual nor wholly material; it is both. So it is with Johrei, which incorporates both religious and scientific truths. Thus, Johrei symbolizes the perfect balance and flexibility characteristic of the civilization to come. It is this integrative quality of Johrei that makes it universally applicable and accessible to anyone, even those who have long ignore God and rejected the spiritual world.

We should always think and behave according to common sense, faithful to our true emotions, not momentary passions. This is precisely who our faith attaches such overriding importance to common sense, moderation, and balanced thinking and behavior. It is unfortunate that good sense is often scorned as a lack of imagination, and biased judgment misread as a mark of greatness, for history shows that prejudice is the harbinger of failure. In any case, the person who is unable or unwilling to restrain biases in his thought and actions will most likely never achieve anything but notoriety. True greatness is measured by a person’s contribution to the new civilization, through the fulfillment of the mission given him by God. The first part of an individual’s task is, therefore, to find the right balance within himself so that he may apply it to his society.

In the world of perfect harmony, acts of aggression will be extremely uncommon because the motivation for such behavior will disappear. Daily life and activities will be governed increasingly by the principle of fairness and will be guided by a growing sense of true justice that enables people to transcend narrow, partisan interests. Human relations will enter a wholly new phase, because the discrepancies of power among and between individuals and groups will diminish as their material desires decrease.

Penal and criminal laws are necessary to restrain the conduct wicked and misguided people, but in the new world, where evil will steadily fade and people will be rarely motivated by base desires, a system of strict laws will become increasingly less relevant. Conflicts will dwindle until finally all struggles arising out of ambition, even out of bad judgment, will cease. Disputes will be resolved peacefully, just as population imbalances, unequal distribution of resources and wealth, and other inequities with be adjusted with fairness and justice.

Earthly paradise will be built by those who have received God’s forgiveness, people strong enough to be able to withstand evil and use all the strength they have in carrying out the particular mission God assigned each one.

~ Mokichi Okada. Excerpt from: Johrei - Divine Light of Salvation

Image credit: Kristin De Soto