The teachings guide us to put our faith into action and to channel the Divine Light whenever we are presented with the opportunity.  


Meishu-sama said that "If your faith is to mean anything, you have to act on it in a practical way by doing all you can for someone else." (Gokowa-roku)

Meishu-sama wrote in a poem -

How big and beautiful
Are the hearts of those
Who put first
The welfare of others -
Yes, even before their own.



There are times when we may not be able to help others in person, such as we are experiencing today.  Our faith and serenity of mind may be challenged by questions such as "How can I do more?" 


Prayers from a sincere heart can reach the highest levels of the Divine realm and we have the daily opportunity to do so, from wherever we are at this time.



We ask you to join us in special prayer for the doctors, nurses, the support staff, volunteers and all the first responders – currently assisting and caring for people who have been afflicted by the coronavirus purification.   Let us pray that the Light may protect, replenish and become the source of hope for these caregivers when they are overwhelmed.  Let us pray for their families for their patients and their loved ones as well.

Our prayers at this time will be simultaneous with morning prayers at the Sacred Grounds in Japan.

1:40 PM Hawaii Standard Time

3:40 PM  Alaska Daylight Time
4:40 PM Pacific Daylight Time (Including Arizona)
5:40 PM Mountain Daylight Time

6:40 PM Central Standard Time
7:40 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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