Turning Point

In May of 2016, President Obama visited the Hiroshima Memorial in Japan to pay his respect to the victims of the atomic bombings. It was a historic first by a sitting president of the United States. This was followed in December that same year with a visit by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to Pearl Harbor for the 75th Remembrance Day Anniversary.

These examples to promote healing, forgiveness and reconciliation are in stark contrast to what is prevailing in the world today. This was also not just the desire of two individual leaders. Many ordinary people on both sides paved the way to create a unified consciousness, through collective prayer and effort. It is a humble reminder that no matter how small or insignificant our individual efforts may seem, they always matter.

Meishu-sama wrote in The Turning Point In Civilization: "...we should realize that the world is standing on the threshold of the turning point from the age of evil to the age of good, from the age of destruction to the age of construction, from the old civilization to the new society. The design of the coming age of new, spiritual civilization has already been prepared, but not by human wisdom or power. God has been working toward the fulfillment of His Plan for eons. This is not only true in a spiritual sense; I see the great change definitely taking place in the material dimension. So, I can say to all the world that this is an absolute certainty."

This "design" is none other than Divine Will. Today, as the world is experiencing growing cycles of conflict, destruction, disease and financial purification, this explanation may be difficult to accept, a blueprint too complex to fathom from a human level. The headlines give us a glimpse into the minds our political and business leaders which does not provide much assurance. Mix a global pandemic along with partisan politics, misguided nationalism and a few other “isms” into the blender, and we may have a preview of the future to come.

As we approach another anniversary of the end of the Pacific War, arguments about who perpetuated this terrible conflict remain unresolved for many. People most often reconcile things with patriotic pride and nationalism as a measuring stick. The end result was that there were decisions made by educated and wise people on both sides, which caused innocent people to suffer. Today, we see that same mindset–both here and abroad–with leaders condemning entire nations and their people for the actions of a few powerful individuals. Race, religion, culture – nothing seems to be off-limits.

The United States and Japan will be forever linked by the joint destiny of the events of August 6th and 9th which affected thousands of people. A new scientific discovery gave humankind the power to inflict unimaginable destruction. Today, this same technology contributes beneficial uses for energy, industry, medicine, scientific research, transport, and the environment.

Again, from The Turning Point In Civilization: “When we think about it calmly, atomic energy in itself is nothing to be feared. Rather, such a scientific triumph can be a tremendous boon to man's welfare. He is afraid of it because it can be used as a weapon of destruction, but if adapted to peaceful and harmonious purposes it will prove to be a great discovery which will benefit all humanity. It is the evil in man which causes him to utilize it for war, while the good in man causes him to employ it for constructive purposes.”

From a physical level, Hiroshima and Nagasaki have been rebuilt into modern cities with little evidence of the great purification experienced by the inhabitants in 1945. There are very few survivors living today, who are determined to share their experiences with future generations so that history does not repeat itself. Unfortunately, their voices are drowned out or ignored by political and religious leaders who seem to fervently welcome the battle between “good and evil” in its most extreme interpretation. Some might even seek to accelerate conflict, disease and disasters, subscribing to a very narrow interpretation on how mankind must fulfill God’s Plan. This unbalanced and fundamentalist mindset has justified intolerance and division in societies on all levels.

In the 1945 article titled, The Spiritual Meaning of the Relationship between Japan and the United States, Meishu-sama wrote: "Johrei purifies the spiritual body, dispelling the desire to start war from the mind of man. An entity which likes conflict is in man, making him fight. When the Divine Light is channeled over the body, this entity weakens, and man then loses the desire for war."

This Divine Light needs to reach our leaders and people across borders and beliefs. It is needed to correct the imbalance in nature caused by human actions which have created environmental disasters and pandemics such as the one we are collectively experiencing today.

Recently, the famous British scientist James Lovelock, celebrated his 101st birthday. He is noted for developing the Gaia Theory or hypothesis, which sees the earth as a self-regulating system. He has been opposed to the fossil fuel industry and an outspoken member of Environmentalists for Nuclear Energy, promoting the safe use of the technology.

In a recent interview, he said that when he was working in NASA in the 1970s, he came to the realization that the earth wasn’t just an inert piece of rock, but that it was life that keeps it constant. His theory about the symbiotic and synergistic relationship between humans and the natural world validates Meishu-sama’s position about this same delicate balance and how we are ultimately responsible for the disasters that we experience. Meishu-sama provided a spiritual explanation for these occurrences in teachings like Storms Are Man-Made Disasters, The Elements of Fire, Water and Soil, Disasters, Radiation and Aura and others. Surprisingly, Mr. Lovelock was also optimistic about the future and believes that humankind will learn from its mistakes, and even sees the current coronavirus as a consequence of evolution.

As the primary spirit–the divine self–is awakened in humans, a course correction can be achieved which can eventually eliminate the warring nature in humans. Religion exoticism, fanaticism or extreme political ideology–either left or right–cannot. In the article about the two nations, Meishu-sama did not address politics or admonish any one side. If anything, in other essays, he was more critical of the leaders of Japan, who he believed were mainly responsible for the breakout of the conflict. This article provides insight on the spiritual aspect of the two arms of the balanced (izunome) cross, coming together as a merging of the spiritual and the material world. It is a reminder that this action has to also take place within the individual.

For Johrei members and channelers of Light, this anniversary can be a reminder of the purpose of Johrei as a means to help eliminate negativity and spiritual clouds and to awaken the divine nature in humanity. It is an opportunity to pray for the victims of all conflicts—past and present—and for the Light to transform the hearts of our leaders.

Johrei Fellowship August 2020

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