February 4 is Risshun ("becoming spring") - the first day of spring in the traditional Japanese calendar. A time when the daylight hours increase as we move away from the long dark hours of winter. Meishu-sama's described the spiritual significance of this event as a period when divine Light begins to increase.

This increase of Light accelerates purification on many levels - individually and globally. It is a time when we are given the opportunity to reflect on ourselves and to seek absolution for thoughts, words and actions that are out of harmony with the universal laws.

Meishu-sama's guidance about Risshun

"I have told you about the meaning of Risshun every year for some time, so perhaps it is not necessary to speak of it again. However, this is an exceedingly important time for God's plan and its importance becomes greater each year. I cannot go into this too deeply, but all members will notice the fact that purification becomes more severe and stronger at this time. This happens both on Risshun and on June 15th, which are the two big turning points of the year. By this, I mean that changes become more noticeable at these turning points.

However, there is a difference between the way the spiritual vibration changes in February and the way it changes in June. The change that comes with the turning point in February is that God's action takes a new major direction. The change in June is different from that, for it is then that the spiritual realm becomes brighter, that kaso, the spirit of fire, increases.

I may say that the turning in February is the time when we pay off our spiritual debts, whereas June 15 is the time when the spiritual realm in general becomes brighter and this reflects on our lives."

~Meishu-sama. February 5, 1952


The cold winter night Has finally moved away,

Spring is now here For flowers to laugh happily

And birds to sing.

As the sky in the east

Begins to glimmer,

The voice Of a rooster,

Ushers in a new dawn.

It is now The end of the dark age,

Already we can hear

The bells of dawn In the East.

In a world That is always bright

As daylight, How can anyone hide

Behind their secrets?

Remembering Meishu-sama

Our founder Meishu-sama, departed this physical world on February 10, 1955. We remember his life and accomplishments with eternal gratitude as we strive to fulfill our given mission of helping to create a Paradise on Earth.

Whenever I look up,

The vast expanse of the sky

Always reminds me How Limitless, Infinite, Is the heart of God.

The highest mountains

Cannot reach nearly as high,

And the deepest seas

Cannot be nearly as deep,

As God's great Benevolence.

It is not man's reason

But the invisible Love of God That generates the

Power To save humanity.

"...In Japan, from the ancient days, people celebrated February 4th as Risshun, the beginning of spring. People today give little attention. In our fellowship's history, many important events have taken place on and around this date. Meishu-sama passed on to the spiritual realm on February 10, 1955, on a Thursday, if I remember correctly. I was in Hilo, Hawaii, at the time. I could not believe it.

It was such a great shock that I trembled all over. I could not sleep that night and knelt on the floor to pray. After some time my heartbeat gradually calmed down, and I began to feel some inexpressible warmth surrounding me, as if I were enveloped in Light. Then I began to sense Meishu-sama very close to me, and I remembered what he had said about a year before. "When I pass on to the spiritual realm, released from physical limitations, I will be able to channel God's Light more freely, so you will experience still greater Light." I said to myself, it is God's plan that Meishu-sama should pass on to the spiritual realm to continue his work on a larger scale. I began to realize it more and more clearly, and my determination to dedicate myself to Meishu-sama's movement became stronger than ever.

I returned to Honolulu on Saturday, and by the time we held the Sunday service at the Hawaii Center, my conviction was firm that Meishu-sama was still with us in spirit, still helping and guiding us. When I told the congregation about Meishu-sama's passing and its spiritual significance, inwardly I was almost radiant with joy because I felt this must have meant a great turning point for the way of Light. Soon after the service was over, one of the members came up to me almost running, and with eyes full of tears, told me that, while I was telling about Meishu- sama's passing, she had seen Meishu-sama standing behind me in a white robe, radiant in Light. She was shedding tears of joy. Meishu-sama's figure was so clear and so real to her she knew it was not her imagination. She could see that he was indeed living in the spiritual realm and really could be with us at any time.

Since then I have heard of similar things happening to quite a few members in the United States, Japan, and elsewhere. Many a time Meishu-sama has appeared at the Valley Center and Los Angeles Center while services are being held and especially while the sacred focal points are being presented to new members.

Meishu-sama told us that Risshun is an important turning point in the year, a time when the increase of Light is accelerated. This is something to be grateful for, for it signifies the further advancement of the new age, but we must also remember that our clouds which hitherto have been dormant will come to the fore to be dissolved, which means we will have to go through accelerated purification. We all have to go through this process, so we have to be prepared for purifications on various levels.

In the Light of truth, we will be able to realize the errors we have been making, and through the experience of purification, we will grow in spiritual awareness. We will experience transformation. We can rise from our old selves to new selves. Accepted with the right attitude, each purification enables us to reach higher levels of spiritual consciousness.

God opens a way for us to experience the divine love and power through prayer and Johrei so the desire to serve may expand within us and we may shift from a self-centered, old-age way of living to the love-for- others way of living of the new age.

Let us pray that we grow constantly so we may radiate God's Light and love always and bring more happiness wherever we go..."

~ Reverend Higuchi . From: The Light of Johrei


Johrei Fellowship was established to help humanity through the Teachings of Mokichi Okada (1882-1955) who is also referred to by the honorific name, Meishu- sama. Members of the Fellowship channel and receive Divine Light to awaken and raise spiritual consciousness. Johrei describes the act of focusing God's Light - a purifying spiritual energy and was originated by Meishu-sama. This divine energy purifies both the spiritual and physical body of a human being and helps to foster physical health, mental peace and spiritual growth.

The mission of the Johrei Fellowship is to help establish a world free from illness, poverty and conflict. We do not prescribe, diagnose nor treat physical illnesses.