Moving toward the light of the New Year

Traditional holiday events at the end of the year are cause for rejoicing and celebration. We look forward to a new calendar bringing new possibilities and also look back to reflect on the year gone by. It is a time for cleaning up and getting one’s house in order – both literally and figuratively.

In an ideal future world, the end of another year might be a joyful reflection of the goodwill, peace and harmony among people and nations, but there is still much work to be done. Therefore, how we end the year and welcome the new, is largely influenced by what we choose to focus on.

The news media outlets usually sum up the year and present reports and opinions based on their agendas and intentions. Positive and negative news circulate and influence the consciousness, with the latter being dominant today. Information that seeks to influence the secondary spirit and the spirit of materialism attracts more viewership, which translates to more material gain and modern technology guarantees instant access to news that is sensational, divisive, confusing and antagonizing.

In his Teaching, The Philosophy of Intuition, Meishu-sama wrote: “As man looks at something,