Words have Power

The attack at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh took place on their most sacred day of the week. The faithful should not have to face such peril in a sacred sanctuary. The faithful are supposed to feel safe in a house of prayer and communion.

People react is different ways to such events. It can be an instant emotional reaction while others may experience shock and silence. It can make us angry, confused, sad, fearful and reactive. Feelings can be mixed with the realization that nothing can be taken for granted in this unpredictable world. They can act as a reminder to feel a constant sense of gratitude for the blessing and protection that we receive each day.

These events also stir the primary and secondary spirits and we may struggle to find balance. As a Johrei channel, besides prayer, among the first actions we can do is to channel/receive Johrei to the forehead and abdomen when we feel reactive, confused and angry.