Do Not Be Judgmental

It seems there are still some individuals who speak of others as being good or bad, or causing trouble for God's Work. This shows that my teachings have not yet been fully understood. I must, therefore, point out again that such conduct is to be discouraged, for that is encroaching upon God's Domain and so is entirely wrong. No human being is capable of telling whether another person is good or bad. Those who think they can have become victims of their conceits without realizing it. That fact alone is a proof that such people have not even reached the threshold of faith.

Also, you must keep in mind that God's Plan is not so shallow that it can be understood by man's limited consciousness. Since God's Work of saving the entire world is so great, unprecedented in scale, man cannot have the least idea of what it really means unless his consciousness is expanded to an unusual degree. As a Japanese proverb says, it is like "trying to look at the sky while peeping through a knothole in the ceiling," if man's perception is of a Shojo* faith.

I have repeatedly emphasized that an individual who clings to a Shojo attitude of faith cannot comprehend God's Will until he grows to a level where he attains a Daijo* attitude. Unfortunately, there are still some individuals who find this difficult to understand and who seem to adhere to false concepts.

As you can see by looking at the world in general, narrow, limited Shojo attitudes are common everywhere in all phases of society, and this seems to be especially true in Japan. Even within religious organizations there are many factions, and newspapers occasionally carry accounts of scandalous power struggles among them. The same can be said of political parties, government agencies, and business organizations. Such factional strifes seriously affect efficiency and development. Because the world is in such a negative state, it can be said that God has decided to reconstruct the whole planet. As we study the root cause of the trouble, we come to realize that it lies in the Shojo attitude of most people. Unless their consciousness changes from this narrow viewpoint to a Daijo one, a bright and happy world can never become a reality.

It is indeed surprising that some members still seem to retain remnants of limited Shojo ways of thinking. I would like to urge these individuals to realize their mistakes, change their patterns of thought at once, and become true followers of this path. I say this because as purification becomes increasingly severe, God's Judgment will also become more stern. Such members must understand that now is the time for them to improve their attitude, for belated repentance will be of no avail.

In the teachings of the Omoto religion, the following words appear again and again: "Remember that egotism and false pride produce dire results." These words are certainly true.

The same can be said of Jesus' admonition: "Judge not, that ye be not judged." In other words, we should consider our own behavior instead of judging the behavior of others; the right attitude is one of being noncritical.

As you well know, no one is physically free from toxins, because no one is spiritually free of clouds and therefore of imperfections. This is the very reason world wide purification is necessary if humanity is to be saved by God.

As one saying puts it,

"What a fool you are!"

I artlessly exclaimed.

On second thought, however,

I could not help but realize

It was I who was the fool.

I might add,

"What a shallow one!"

I artlessly exclaimed.

On second thought, however,

I could not help but realize

It was I who was just that!

Let me mention something else in passing. What others are thinking is known to me to the degree that it is necessary for me to be aware of their thoughts. However, I do not speak out. Certain members worry for this reason, believing I do not notice the negative things some people are doing. I know everything only too well; but I keep such matters to myself, leaving everything in God's Hands. I know that if there is someone who is incorrigible, God will solve the problem by seeing to it that that person is weeded out. If he is one of truly vicious nature, he will cause his own death prematurely according to the laws of creation.

Since I leave everything in God's Hands with perfect trust, I am always completely free of anxiety and feel as serene as a spring breeze.

May 13, 1953

(Adapted from the Teachings of Meishu-sama)


The terms Daijo and Shojo have been used since ancient times. They are Buddhist in origin and their special religious meaning has been expounded in some detail by priests and scholars. I shall give my personal interpretation of the terms.In short, Shojo is "vertical" and Daijo is "horizontal." Again, Shojo is emotion and Daijo is reason.

Shojo draws distinctions between good and evil and leans towards commandments and precepts; its virtues are easily understood. Daijo, on the other hand, draws little distinction between good and evil, and being more liberal and progressive, its virtues are correspondingly difficult to perceive. Nationalism and racism are attributes of Shojo, as is the class-consciousness of communism. Most ideologies (isms) are Shojo, and this ensures the eventual exposure of their limitations. Nothing except the global and comprehensive humanism of Daijo can be called the truth.

Religions in the past have been divided into these two types - vertical and horizontal. it is time to unite these two elements to form a cross. True religion is at times vertical, at times horizontal. Adapting itself with flexibility to time, place and circumstances, diversifying and adapting to accomplish its work in the world. This cruciform represents the true and deepest meaning of the way of Kannon.