September 2018

Meishu-sama described the sun as the element of fire and the moon representing the element of water. During his lifetime, most members of his organization were Japanese, and he explained spiritual matters from a perspective that would have been familiar to them. Over the years and as his movement spread to other cultures and countries, this “eastern” approach can be observed from a more universal viewpoint. It is largely up to the individual who believes in Meishu-sama’s Teachings, to apply this guidance and perspective to present-day issues and personal experiences.

In the essay The Sun and the Moon (Foundation of Paradise) Meishu-sama uses Japanese words, terminology and symbols, to provide a spiritual explanation of the interplay between these two energies of fire and water. One point of interest is his explanation of vibrations that emanate from the combination and pronunciation of Japanese characters (kanji).

Kotodama is a Japanese word that can be described as "word spirit.” A belief from ancient times refer to a spiritual state or feeling, induced by beautiful word sounds, which when correctly intoned, can create spiritual power. The Amatsu-norito chant is an example where the spiritual function of each syllable has its own spiritual vibration.

“The vibratory power of rightly-chosen words is tremendous.

Thus, when the Amatsu Norito is spoken aloud, the surrounding spiritual world becomes much more purified. Also effective in this way are the Lord's Prayer, quoting from the Bible, singing hymns and chanting holy words, though their rates of vibratory strength vary. Were it not for these good words of high vibratory rate, there would be far more clouds accumulating all over the world, causing even more disasters than we experience today...” - The Power of Speech (Foundation of Paradise)

The Teaching, The Sun and the Moon is also relevant to events that Americans are experiencing today, either directly or indirectly. Using the characters and spiritual energy of word sounds as a foundation, Meishu-sama illustrates other examples which include conflict, aggressiveness, arrogance, modesty and humility. He concludes by reminding the reader that the energy of his movement is represented by the element of fire, but not in the way as one might normally view it. The energy of fire is the greatest power in the universe – one that can create and destroy – but it needs to be harnessed to invite and welcome, and used as an energy that can ultimately neutralize conflicts.

Awareness of the negative power of words and corresponding vibration is especially vital today - in the news, social media, and mechanisms of disinformation and misdirection.

Meishu-sama: “Words are uttered by people, but they exercise a great deal of influence. Words of slander, complaint and falsehood generate huge quantities of clouds over the Spirit World. When these piles of various clouds exceed a certain volume a kind of toxin comes into existence and causes damage to human life. As a consequence, a cleansing takes place in the natural course of events. This is the order of heaven and earth.

The Spirit World clouded over has to be cleared by good words. In this case, the good words in the form of 'Light' dissolve these clouds. The human mind is especially calmed when one says good words; even more so when one utters divine names. If the divine being whose name is spoken does not come, a representative of that divine spirit will come and bless the person who has called.”

If we also apply Meishu-sama’s observations on how human beings can influence the natural world, our record is rather dismal. A study showed that humans represent just 0.01% of all life but are responsible for destroying 83% of all plants and mammals. When we step back and view ourselves objectively from the outside, our disregard toward one another operates far outside the bounds of any other species.

Meishu-sama spoke about America with great admiration. After the end of World War II, he recognized the role of this country in helping to restore a defeated Japan and freeing it from the clutches of a repressive government. He explained how the spiritual purpose of the two nations were connected as representatives of the East and West, from a broader global and spiritual perspective.

It would be fair to say that the America of today is quite different from what it was seven decades ago. This is not a despairing observation, but one that ought to challenge every person to recognize the true state of things.

The month of September is the most active month for hurricanes. Scientists explain that the reason for this increased activity is because the ocean waters reach the highest temperature during this time. From a spiritual perspective, the two elements of fire and water combine to manifest this energy. One might then wonder, how much of this increasing seasonal activity is connected to the state of our collective consciousness, which in turn directs humans to manifest these thoughts through actions.

This month is the anniversary of a great tragedy in this country. Such events can bring people of different walks of life together, even if it may be for a brief moment. They offer the opportunity to take pause and reflect on where we are – individually and as a human race. Such tragedies that affect the entire nation often result in outpourings of kindness, generosity, unselfishness and compassion. They demonstrate the capacity of the human heart to help and serve, without any regard to caste, color, creed, ideology or social standing.

Meishu-sama said that if we wish to be loved, we must extend love. If we want to be saved, we must first help others. If we wish to be happy, make others happy and that by doing so we can “earn true happiness.” It is also a reminder for different organizations that claim to be connected to the heart of Meishu-sama to take pause for a little self-reflection.

America is beautiful. America will also continue to be tested in different ways in this changing world. Her greatest qualities will emerge, when the majority realizes that building bridges is better than dismantling them and when we can first bridge the chasm that separates us from our own humanity.

Johrei Fellowship September 2018

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Our practice is based on the philosophy of Mokichi Okada (1882-1955).  Johrei is a way of focusing and channeling healing energy.  We emphasize the appreciation of art and beauty and the promotion of natural farming, free from artificial chemicals and additives.  Our primary goal is to support communities where people enjoy optimal spiritual and physical health, guided harmoniously by the principles of truth, goodness and beauty.