Constructive Living

Image by:  Hakone Museum of Art


Some years ago in Japan I saw in the "readers letters to the editor" column of a newspaper and article entitles, "To Protect This Little Happiness of Ours." This article was written by a woman who was enjoying a humble but happy and peaceful life with her husband. They loved each other and had no special problems such as illness or debts. They were simple people, without means, earning their daily bread, and they were satisfied. The woman wrote that the happiness she and her husband had was a result of mutual love, trust, and diligent work. But, no matter how peaceful their home might be, if the war were still going on, she and her husband would be unable to enjoy life. They could not be happy knowing that others were unhappy; their happiness and well-being depended to a large extent upon peaceful and happy conditions for everyone else in the world.