Remembering Meishu-sama

We are all disciples of Meishu-sama. For some of you it must be hard to think of Meishu-sama when you have only pictures, yet we are all his followers. As for me, I think of Meishu-sama every day, particularly every morning when I pray at my home altar. I feel he is very close. He was a most extraordinary individual, a human being and yet not a human being in the ordinary sense, for he had God's spirit within him. He was full of Light all the time. It is so difficult to explain the feeling I have for Meishu-sama because, for me, he was almost divine. The many calligraphies he created have a high vibration. One day a man came to Meishu-sama. The man lived in a cold region and was alwa

Secret of Good Fortune

When we carefully observe the world of today, we see too many unfortunate individuals. For this reason, although I have already written about good fortune, I am going to write on this subject again, this time more thoroughly. There has been nothing in the world since ancient days that is more perplexing than the problem of our fortune or misfortune. It is inevitable for people to be occupied with this thought from the time they begin to think for themselves to the time of their deaths. That which a human being is most anxious to know is usually the most difficult to learn, and this is the way of the world. The knowledge of how to have good fortune is no exception to the rule. So, don't you

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