Pioneering spirit

Let us live our faith in all our daily activities. Most of the world today seems to be covered in darkness, and people are filled with despair. Only when there is an increase in the number of people who project love from the heart can the darkness be dispelled and the vibrations raised. It is our privilege and responsibility to create ever-higher vibrations of Divine Light through sincere prayer and the giving of Johrei. Let the world of Light begin with each one of us. ~Kiyoko Higuchi July 7th, 2019 was 30-year memorial anniversary for Rev. Kiyoko Higuchi. Her role in creating the foundation of Johrei here in North America was vital. Her messages reflected a simple philosophy of faith, wi


Meishu-sama wrote in a poem: A freedom of choice Is given to everyone. We can thus create Either a heaven or hell, According to our thinking. A famous reggae musician sang: “Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds.” A spiritual leader from Japan and a pioneer musician from Jamaica expressing such closely similar thoughts…quite the combination. Meishu-sama also wrote a short essay called You Are What You Feel. If we view everything that happens in the world—both individually and collectively—through a karmic spiritual lens, one could suggest that all experiences ultimately point back to the self. That one’s fate is determined by actions in present

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