February 2019

Around this time of year, the festival of Setsubun in Japan is observed to welcome the season of Spring. The name means “seasonal division,” which also refers to the observance of Risshun. Meishu-sama described the spiritual significance of Risshun on February 4th and Paradise on Earth Day on June 15th as two big turning points of the year, when the Light from the divine realm manifests its power in a significant manner. Risshun is a time for cleansing and laying the groundwork for new beginnings, as well as preparing to receive the full blessing of the increased Light - the spirit of fire - around Paradise on Earth Day. This recurring cycle accelerates purification, helping us to rid our bo

Meishu-sama's Memorial Anniversary

February 10, 2019 will be the 64th year Memorial Anniversary of Meishu-sama's departure from the physical realm. Miraculous phenomena During Meishu-sama's purification, mysterious changes took place in his physical body. Fivelines appeared on the inside of his left hand. On each finger and on the thumb a crease running from the tip of the digit to the middle of the palm emerged as distinctly as if it had been etched. So startling was the phenomenon that Meishu-sama's assistants asked an experienced palmist what the significance might be. The phenomenon was explained as meaning that a divine being of a high order had appeared. Sometimes Meishu-sama stared at the lines as if he knew their sign


February 4 is Risshun ("becoming spring") - the first day of spring in the traditional Japanese calendar. A time when the daylight hours increase as we move away from the long dark hours of winter. Meishu-sama's described the spiritual significance of this event as a period when divine Light begins to increase. This increase of Light accelerates purification on many levels - individually and globally. It is a time when we are given the opportunity to reflect on ourselves and to seek absolution for thoughts, words and actions that are out of harmony with the universal laws. Meishu-sama's guidance about Risshun "I have told you about the meaning of Risshun every year for some time, so perhaps

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